Richie Hodges


Richie Hodges here, I have done so many web sites I have really lost count. This is yet another one while I try out some IT tricks and tips that I pick up off of the Web, like a site that works on any platform be it computer, apple mac, Ipad or pad or any type of Smartphone.. Time will tell if it all works and I get to where I want to be. At the moment times are a changing and I find myself doing more and more on the net, which is a change for me as I thought that I had given it all up in 2005 when I left Belgium.

Richie and Photography


A photoshop image from Tunnel road Bantry to Kenmare and Aurelien on his Vespa in Belgium.

I have been doing lots of photography recently and messing around with Photoshop, an old version 7 but I can’t even use a quarter of what it can do. I can also, as a qualified and certified trainer teach how to use software such as Photoshop or any of the Microsoft products..