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Starting Business

Starting business course is beginning tonight, every Thursday for eight weeks. I hope it is interesting. Link Here

So it is Thursday midday the 2nd of May. I wonder how long this mainly optimised post will take to be indexed into google and which position it will have.

Starting business is the focus

I have a green light “starting business” not an easy focus keyword(s)

Hodges Tip

I have been working on a website that I have donated to a friend of mine. It is a yoga site and there are thousands of sites talking about yoga. With his chosen focus keyword we were not coming up in Google, at least as far as I could be bothered to look. So I made a youtube clip and put it on his site, a few hours later he was page 12, which is a lot better than no page at all. Now we can work on getting it higher.

starting a business

Richie Hodges again

Hodges here, making yet another site about using websites and getting the most out of your visibility. To do this I have spent a lot of time reading and trying things out on the internet. my favourite CMS tool is now wordpress and I have tried a few by now.

Hodges tip

Starting a site is easy, getting on line is easy but getting it right first time is not so easy. So here I am testing things out to make sure I get the best possible hit rate.


Saw this guy and had to take his photo

Check out tomyboo and balooz for more photos